Thursday, February 27, 2014

NCAS Announces Capacity Building Programme on People-Centred Advocacy 27-29 March, 2014 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha

The National Center for Advocacy Studies (NCAS) is organizing a Capacity Building Programme on People-Centred Advocacy from 27-29 March, 2014 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. NCAS is a social change resource centre that aims at promoting and strengthening rights-based people-centred advocacy. It endeavors to create enabling conditions for people’s empowerment at the grass-roots level as well as to facilitate efforts for human rights, social justice and transparent and accountable governance. It primarily provides support to various grass-root initiatives and people’s movements by way of capacity building, campaign and media support, and research & documentation. NCAS, over the last two decades, has conducted around 250 capacity building workshops for organsiations in India and in some other South Asian countries. 

The advocacy environment in the country has undergone tremendous changes in recent years. A fresh and updated understanding on concept and practice of People-Centred Advocacy is a felt need in these changed circumstances. NCAS is organising a three-day workshop for Odisha-based organisations. On the third day of the programme i.e. on 29th   March, a discussion will be held on developmental schemes and institutions of governance for adivasis in Odisha. Details of the workshop are as follows:

Objectives of the Programme

-          To facilitate learning process on People-Centred Advocacy and the concept and practice of Advocacy in India
-          To understand the relationship between power, politics and policy in order to empower people and advocate a pro-people policy environment
-          To understand the role of the institutions of governance and of the media in advancing the rights of the marginalised
-          To gain skills, strategies and methods for planning advocacy campaign

This workshop is intended for the activists of people’s organizations, and civil society groups and therefore participation in the workshop is by prior registration only. We request all interested to send in their registration applications by March 5, 2014. 

How to apply
-          Send a note about your experiences on Advocacy (English or Odia)

-          Send a registration fee of Rs, 1000 in the name of National Centre For Advocacy Studies,  ( for funding and donor agencies the amount is Rs. 3000)

-          No Registration Fee is required for the activists working with people’s organization.  

Please note:

Last of receiving applications is March 5, 2014
Only shortlisted candidates will be informed and invited for the workshop.
Travel expenses will be borne by the participants themselves.

For Further Details Contact

Sandeep Kumar Pattnaik
Programme Officer, National Center for Advocacy Studies
Plot No. C1-004, Kedar Gauri Apartment
Garrage Chaak,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Mobile No - 8763210608 
National Centre for Advocacy Studies (NCAS)
Serenity Complex, Ramnagar Colony
Pashan, Pune, 411 021, Maharashtra, India
Tel/Fax:(+91 20) 2295 1857, 2295 2003 and 2295 2004
For general inquires:

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